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Rivalry by captainduh Rivalry by captainduh
No better way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the summer than to head out to a ball game and catch your favorite team pounding their biggest rival. If you live in California then you know this classic National League rivalry.

22''x28'' Oil on Canvas. December 2008

This painting was a gift for my father at Christmas. The setting is AT&T Park in San Francisco and you are seeing the San Francisco Giants beating their hated rivals - the Los Angeles Dodgers. This painting became a numerical theme. Everywhere you look are numbers. Dad's favorite player was Bobby Bonds (father of Barry) who wore 25 - notice the hitter's number. Notice the fan standing up in excitement as the runner at second attempts to steal third base. The fan is wearing number 54 on his back to symbolize the year the Giants last won the World Series (a long time to wait). The score is 5-1 Giants ( my father was born in 1951). When I played baseball I wore the number 10 so you will find 10 in 3 different places here. Can you tell me where you see the number 10 or can you find 10 of something in the painting? This work took 2 months and came out pretty decent. I am making prints of this so if you are a baseball fan and interested then send me a note.
xxxShi-Ro Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2015
Hey, nice painting! ^_^

I see you like baseball :)

I really got into baseball too, because of certain shows and anime, I know it sounds weird cus I've never seen an actual real baseball game, but I do so love the concept of the game. [I wish I could play xD] But baseball isn't played in my country sadly. I really want to start following baseball as a sport in real life tho. Any suggestions/recommendations on how to get started doing so?
captainduh Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2015
Hi and thank you for your kind comments. Sorry about taking so long to respond, but I don't use deviantart that much anymore. I am on facebook, youtube, and instagram however and if you would like to see more baseball paintings I have done then please visit my website or youtube channel ( and on youtube:…).

As for following baseball, I would suggest purchasing a subscription to You can then watch any professional baseball game on the computer or tablet or phone during the season. I use it and it works great. Thanks again for the kind words. :)
xxxShi-Ro Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2015
Thanks so much for taking the time to reply :D And for the advice/suggestion. 
I'll definitely check out more of your works on facebook and youtube.
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December 30, 2008
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